Finally decided to start a blog

I have been debating off and on for months whether to start a blog. I’m sure my family and non-running friends are tired of hearing me go on and on about running and how I feel – how my toe nails are falling off, my heart rate is messed up, ice baths, and so on. Occasionally I’ll post about other topics so I won’t bore mesmerize you about only running.

This June I’ll start to train for 3 half marathons in 3 weeks in September and am currently in the process of correcting my form in the hopes that some of my reoccurring issues will go away. I went to a Good Form Clinic this morning in the hopes of a magic cure. Yes, I know it will take time and that I won’t be fixed in a week, but one can hope – right? Nate the instructor was actually great and most of what he said was similar to what I’m reading in the book Chi Running. However with Nate he gave us some drills to do and some great tips that was so much easier to understand then trying to read in a book. The best part is in a few days I will get links to videos of my running at the start and end of the clinic to see how awful my running form is.

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4 Responses to Finally decided to start a blog

  1. I hope you enjoy blogging! I have blogged for years and started my running blog last summer. It definitely helps keep me on track and I love connecting with other runners from all over the place. I have heard great things about Chi Running and also took a one day clinic on form once. I think focusing on my form has really helped me avoid injuries. Good luck with all your half marathons in September! That’s an incredible goal!

    • mllrungirl says:

      Thanks! I still can’t believe I’m going to do 3 halves this fall. I won’t be “racing” (for speed) any of them, but I want to be able to do them pain free so I’m really hoping working on my form (and weight training that I started in January) will help.

  2. laura says:

    I have known you all of my life. I am very proud to say that doing any marathon is a very big accomplishment. You have dazzled me with all that you in life and still find the time to run and keep in shape. I hope you will be able to do your marathons pain free and get your form in good shape. I am proud of what you have done so far and I know you will accomplish alot more in the future. You have more energy than I do I think! Good luck on your runs!

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