Maintenance mode

I’m in maintenance mode. When I’m training I worry about this. Will I put on weight? Will I get bored? What will I run? It’s endless. In reality I kind of love it.

I can wake up on any given morning and say yes I’ll run this morning or no, I’m just not feeling it and go back to sleep. I find that I still run 4-5 days a week, so it’s not like I turn into a bear hibernating and sleep in all the time. I really love the early morning run, so that normally gets me out of bed.

Why I love to run early in the morning!

And that’s what maintenance is all about finding the love for running after you have spent weeks following a training plan and running X number of miles whether you feel like it or not. I love that I can say on Saturday (my long run day), I’m going to aim for 7 miles, but if I get out of the door earlier then I’ll try and squeeze in 8 or 9 instead.

I have finished my spring races: Rock ‘n’ Roll USA half marathon (horrible race on my part), Flower City half marathon (redeemed myself), and a local Pink Ribbon 5k (new PR!!) and have no races in my near future. As long as I’ve calculated my next training program correctly I won’t be on a training schedule again until June 18th. Yes, I have been known to mess up my schedule and this was even with the aid of Excel. I was one week off and not an extra week, but a week short this spring between my two half marathons. You’d think I can’t do math, but shh . . . I have an accounting degree and love math. I blame it all on my ability to read a calendar correctly Excel!

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