My journey as a runner

I did not start out a runner. In high school I could not even run a mile and seriously thought I had asthma. Now I realize I was just out of shape. After I got married and lost 50 lbs, my husband tried getting me to run. He constantly brings up the first time he took me out and I could not even run a half mile and complained about the “hill”. Can you see the gigantic tiny hill at the end of the street? I took my 6 year old son with me to take a picture of the “hill”. He looks around and says “Where’s the hill?” To a 6 year old it seems like nothing, to me now it seems like nothing, but to a non-runner it seemed like a mountain!

Before getting healthy in 2009

Four years after my second son was born and oh about 8 years after I last ran anything, I decided I had to lose the baby weight get healthy. At this time in my life was also when my youngest told me I was “fluffy”. Guess that’s better than being called fat, but not much. I’ve changed so much my 9 year old did not know that was me in the picture to the left when he saw it recently. And all I can notice is my uh chest which my husband misses, but then he’s a guy!

This started my second round of weight loss. I used Weight Watchers this time and three times a week “appointments” at the YMCA to help me lose 75 lbs. I would drag myself and kids to the gym every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday without fail. I am so glad I love to run outside now in all types of weather as I don’t know how I ran so much on the dreadmill treadmill.

May 2012 looking healthier!

This is when I started to realize that running made me feel happy afterwards and I was not crazy mom such a better mom. Before running I yelled a lot. I admit it and my kids will admit it too (if they remember that far in the past). Now I did not start out running. It was a slow process – walking, elliptical, running 1 mile, etc. until I built back up to 3 mile runs with the occasional 4 mile run on Saturdays with my running gals.

After a year of running 4 times a week I decided to train for my first half marathon in the spring of 2011. I’ve run five half marathons since then and really it is what helps me maintain my weight and let me eat. If I did not run to burn calories I’d either put the weight back on or have a hard time saying goodbye to chocolate, cookies, brownies, the list goes on. I’ve actually gotten pretty good at modifying recipes to make them lower calorie so I can still satisfy my sweet tooth and be healthy.

Has anyone else found running through weight loss? Do you run to satisfy a food craving?

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2 Responses to My journey as a runner

  1. WOW CONGRATS, you are amazing! And you look fantastical, you should be so proud! 🙂

    I can’t say I relate as I have never run to lose weight, in fact I gained weight as I came from a gymnastics background, my triathlon coach kept on my back to eat more, so I did… 🙂 Also running for me is an outlet, although don’t get me wrong I love competing, but I also just love those long runs where no one is around just me, the track, kangaroos, birds etc… Anyway, I’ll stop rambling now hehe… Happy running! Auds 🙂

    • MLLrungirl says:

      I also run as an outlet and love the long runs. I never would have thought I’d be someone who likes running 1 hour or more by myself but it’s really calming and so nice to have the “quiet” time. Happy running to you too!

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