Dreading the run – Part 1

I do LOVE to run. I really do. It’s part of my life and as I affectionately call it, my happy pill. However the past few days I am dreading the run. I want to turn off my alarm clock at 5:30 am and go back to bed for another hour. It’s not because I want more sleep (even though I do). It’s because the last two weeks I’ve felt like crap come Sunday night.

Last November I had what I call an “episode” (thought I was having a heart attack) where I went to the ER and was told I was skipping heartbeats. Well if you pay attention to the news you hear about people dying of heart issues during or at the end of a race. I started to freak out a lot a tiny bit. I went to have a follow up with my doctor and ended up seeing a different doctor. So did not feel warm and fuzzy and I insisted on a Holter Monitor that you wear for 24 hours. Two weeks later I find out that I am having extra beats and low beats (not skipping beats).

At this point I want to run, but am still not feeling great (it took a couple months to get to a point where I feel okay “most” of the time). I called the doctor back and begged for an echo stress test and was told not to run until it was done. This was hard! I run for sanity!!! 3 weeks of no running and 5 lbs later I get the test done. Results – again they confirmed that I do have extra beats and low beats and my heart is perfectly fine. I know the doctor said I’m fine and it’s “normal” for me, but part of me is wondering if he says that to everyone and just shoos us out the door. Because if this is “normal”, I want NOTHING to do with it!

I also have the issue that my heart rate rises fast! I can be sitting on the front steps and it’s around 58. Within .25 miles of running it’s in the 140’s if not low 150’s. Give me by the end of a mile and I’m easily in the 160’s unless I am deliberately trying to run slow and have zero inclines on my run. I find it VERY difficult to keep my heart rate at a decent level. Here’s an example of some of my runs before my last half marathon (notice the Avg HR and Max):

If I happen to go for a long run or any run over 3 miles, I’m guaranteed to have my heart rate in the 170’s for a good portion of the time. When you add in the warmer weather  – I’m a mess! Here’s how my heart rate should look:

Did you notice the cap of 156? Hmm . . . not happening with me. My average is not near that for most of my runs. The 184 is supposed to be the max. That is the point when your body is working 100%. Not really something you want to be doing on most of your runs.

Want to know your max heart rate and target heart rate zone? You can use the same calculator that I used. If you just want to know your max heart rate the simple formula is (220 – your age).

My next post will be on why I’m daydreaming about moving to Alaska for the summer (part 2 of dreading the run). Bet everyone else is dreaming about beaches. Am I right?

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5 Responses to Dreading the run – Part 1

  1. laura says:

    Okay, you are not suppose to be moving to Alaska, even though I do understand your reasons behind it. If anything, you could always daydream about moving to Florida… I know. I know.. but I know you have your days that are rough for you and I feel for you. But, I know you have enough strength and determination to get it done. You can set your mind to do anything. I worry about you with running with your heart. But, I have faith in you that you will take care of yourself. Good luck on keeping track of your rates and doing your runs. Just on the days you don’t want to run, remember the reasons why you are doing it.

  2. BK says:

    If I paid attention to my HR all the time, I wouldn’t be active.. because when I’m not active is the only way I’ll stay in my zone. I know a lot of mine has to do with my height & weight but eh.. if your doc tells you it’s fine then it should be fine.. I used to spazz about this a lot because I’m a survivor of heart disease.. had a heart attack at age 29.. so eh just listen to your body and it will get you through.. maybe lace up and just go for a “slow” run 🙂 not worry about your pace? wishing you all the best for your future runs..

    • MLLrungirl says:

      Wow! You are awesome that you survived a heart attack and are still out there running! Way to go! I do try to listen to my body – when my HR is up for too long in the 170’s I start feeling like crap so I take more walk breaks. I actually did the Rock’n’Roll DC half marathon when my HR was a mess and ran some and walked some. I got it done by listening to my body and how I felt and did not care that it was my slowest time ever by about 1/2 hour.

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