Dreading the run – Part 2

If you read the (previous post), you know that lately I am dreading my runs and want to move to Alaska for the summer. Why Alaska? The average high temperature for the summer is mid 60’s to 70’s. To me that sounds perfect!

We’ve had warmer weather and not only do I have my heart rate issue to deal with, but I also get running induced hot flashes. Yes, you heard me right. The thing I love to do the most causes me to have hot flashes. Really sucks! During the winter I don’t mind. I’m cold anyways so a little hot flash just warms me up for a minute or two. On 10 degree runs I barely notice them – so awesome! But once it starts to warm up, the hot flashes occur all.the.time!

My favorite saying, “Look on the bright side. With hot flashes every tub is a hot tub!”

The worst is when I do a long run. I don’t have many hot flashes that day. It’s the next day when it’s bad. I can’t go to sleep because I am lying in bed for 1-2 hours hot, hot, hot! And when the hot flash passes and I get comfy, I get another one. Have you heard of the song “Hot in Herre” by Nelly? That is how I feel “Its gettin hot in here, So take off all your clothes, I am gettin to hot, I wanna take my clothes off”

My long runs are on Saturday’s, so on Sunday night I am swearing that I will never run again. That it’s just not worth this gosh awfulness that I feel every Sunday night. It really is a good thing that Monday’s are rest days for me. By Tuesday morning at 5:30 am, Sunday night is a distant memory and I crawl out of bed and get my run on.

Now for some things that I think help me with my hot flashes or at least make them not as bad:

  1. Drink ice water or Nuun with ice in it all day long and especially before bed. Need to hydrate anyway for my runs.
  2. Run early morning before anyone else is awake so it’s not as hot out.
  3. Have a young child who will gladly fan you at all times of the day. I just have to start tugging at my shirt or start waving my hands wildly and my two boys know I’m having a hot flash.
  4. And lastly, the best thing I’ve found so far to use while running, Cool Ties. Awesome product! I wear them on all my runs once the temps hit low to mid 60’s. Every mile or so I rotate it and it’s cold again. (Also good for pregnant women, gardening in the heat, sitting out to watch a hot parade, the list is endless.)

My pink Cool Tie. My husband said not to take the picture that it was not a good look. It’s about comfort at this point, not fashion.

Anyone else get running induced hot flashes? Please tell me I’m not alone. . .

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