May running in review

400 running miles exactly for the year so far.

You can see that May had less running miles* then my previous few months. I had just finished training for the Flower City half marathon on April 29th and won’t start training again for my Fall half marathons for another two weeks. So May was a light running month for me as I’ve been trying to work on my form and I’ve had a few shorter and slower runs to try and keep my HR at a better place.

*I also did 62 miles in either bike riding or spinning classes during May.

New PR: On Mother’s Day I ran in the Pink Ribbon 5k for the third year in a row and achieved a new PR with 29:05. I really raced this one hoping to get under 30 minutes again. My heart rate showed it with an average of 181. My last mile was an average of 188 – oops, was not supposed to let it get over 184 for very long. In hindsight I probably should have taken it a little easier as my chest was feeling funny for almost a whole week after.

My boys made me a medal that says “#1 Mom xoxo”.

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