Oh my achy butt!

Each of my kids I like to say gave me a problem gift. I now get sciatic nerve issues thanks to my first son and occasional migraines (when I get one it’s either when I’m ovulating or Aunt Flo is expected) from my second son.

The sciatic nerve issue creeps up because I run. If I could run on a soft track or trails all the time I would be pain free. If I did not run I would be pain free. How do I know? I went about 8 weeks last summer only running on the track while I was getting over shin splints and training for a half marathon at the same time and my sciatic nerve never once said “hi, I’m here”. I don’t recommend running all your runs on the track. For one thing it is BORING! My longest was 9 miles – luckily I got to watch football practice. While I’m sure they thought I was one really crazy lady running in circles for 1 1/2 hours. And secondly it’s really really boring! you don’t get used to the surface you will race on.

I can normally go through about 10 weeks or so of half marathon training before I need to see the chiropractor to get everything realigned. Running on sidewalks and the roads, which are both slanted, cause it to get a little out of whack. I’ve learned to get it fixed early on as soon as I start feeling the pain in my butt cheek. Don’t you know it’s almost always the left one. Thanks a lot #1 son.

I went to the chiropractor this week and got to lie on this table that raises and lowers me. Yes the table really does go start straight up and down. I have to lean against it while it lays me flat, all while in a hospital gown with the back open. The best part of the whole ordeal is the mini massage with electro things attached to my back. The worst parts are the gown I get to wear and the achy butt for a day or two after. I know I’ll be better tomorrow as it does take a day or two to work, but today I’m still achy.

I think I did find something that helps keep it at bay for at least a few weeks longer or during my last 18 weeks of training (two half marathons this spring) I only have to go see him once – which is a record! What was my magic find? Weight training! I started doing the circuit at the local YMCA in January twice a week for 30 minutes each time and I thought it made a big difference. So I asked the chiropractor about it this time to see what he said – a balance of cardio, strength, and stretching should help. It’s not a guarantee, but in my case I think it really works!

Does anyone else routinely see a chiropractor or someone similar so they can continue to train?

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One Response to Oh my achy butt!

  1. I see one regularly, I have a low back issue and it really helps keep the flair ups far and few! Hope you feel relief soon.

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