A proud mom

Tonight I am very proud of my oldest son. He is a lot like I was when I was younger. Shy, quiet, nervous I’d do something embarrassing, and liked to stay in my comfort zone.

I was shocked when last October he asked to try out for the play Beauty and the Beast Jr at his school. He got a part, well three parts. It started out as just Narrator 1, then somehow Narrator 4 too. Next thing I know he got asked to be in the ensemble that dances and sings. They have been practicing since November and have put in a lot of work and staying late after school. Tonight they had their first performance with one more tomorrow night. Of course this mom is going again!

He did awesome! He did not miss one line and did not seem nervous at all. They said no pictures and I try to follow the rules (I would have given serious thought to breaking it though if I could have figured out how to turn off the darn flash), but I did snap one after the end when all the kids came out to bow.

Night at the theater

We dressed up (I don’t get to that often since I work out of my house, so I take every opportunity I can to wear a dress) – I got to wear my new summer dress and my guys wore black polo shirts and shorts. We heard the auditorium is an oven, but I think they had on the air conditioning for us.

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