Might just have to ban Cheerios

We already know that men are from Mars. I tend to think that maybe they are from a more distant planet. On the main things that married couples should agree on, we do – and that’s what really matters. However on other things, we are nothing alike.

  • My husband would still run in ALL cotton. Yes even for marathon training. Thankfully I’ve converted him on this for everything but the socks.
  • He would never “fuel” for his runs or take water with him. He will now if it’s 10 miles or more.
  • He sees no reason to vacuum or clean the house if company comes over. If anyone I know reads this and comes over some day to a messy house it’s because I’ve finally given up and let him have his way.
  • Right now he’s on a 3 day gluten free diet to see if it helps him. He told me he’s only doing it to see if that is the reason for his issue, not that he’ll stick with it if it does work. If you found out that doing something fixed your issue wouldn’t you stick with it? Not him!

I may have to BEG him to reconsider on the gluten free diet if it works. More like bribe him, tell him when he’s out he can do what he likes, but since I’m cooking dinners and do all the grocery shopping it’s gluten free – that is if it cures his issue. Why am I willing to beg, plead, dance around the house naked (and no one wants to see that but him) if it will get him to consider going gluten free? Because he has bad horrible room clearing atomic gas. It’s gotten so bad sometimes that he’s wished HE could leave the room.

If he won’t go gluten free I may have to hide the cheerios (I think the worst offender), frozen food products, and animal crackers from him or stop buying them all together.

We may ban these in our house due to the atomic gas it can produce.

He did try the gluten free Rice Krispies. His verdict – they go snap, crackle, pop, sizzle. Apparently the sizzle is NOT a good thing. He thought they got too soggy. He likes Rice Krispies so I thought it was at least a good compromise to no cereal at all.

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