Twin quilt in a week (part 2)

I started the Spool Soufflé quilt last weekend for a quilt along from the Fat Quarter Shop. A few days ago I found out the deadline had been extended. I still wanted to try to get the quilt done by the original deadline to see if I could do a quilt in a week while also working.

By Day 5 I had the main part of the quilt blocks done.

The quilt ended up taking me 8 days. The quilting took longer than I expected as I ended up doing a spiral from the center out. I read the best way to quilt a spiral was clockwise and they were right. Less moving the quilt through tight spaces. Below is a close up of the spiral. I used invisible thread on the top and regular thread in my bobbin. I think it turned out perfect. The spiral was picked for two reasons. 1. The pattern is spools of thread and the spiral made me think of thread. 2. I used the Reef fabric collection and the spiral made me think of a ripple in water.

I had an “un”helper while I was trying to put the binding on. Wolfie is 6 1/2 months old and really likes to lay on quilts.

I am really happy with the way the quilt turned out. I love the green binding against the blue border and backing of the quilt. I did add two more borders (another white and blue) to the front of the quilt to make it more of a twin size quilt.

This was a fun quilt to do and came together easily. The pattern can be found here. #fqsquiltalong #spoolsoufflequilt


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Twin quilt in a week?

Have you ever seen those emails that say “enter here” for a chance to participate (or win) something? I’ve tried to participate in a “make a quilt”-a-long a few times and had not been chosen before – they only pick 10 people. So you can imagine my surprise when I got picked to make the Spool Souffle Quilt from the Fat Quarter Shop.

I sat down and browsed through the shop  as I wanted to pick fabric that they sell. I looked at every single layer cake they sell and finally settled on the reef collection. It was bright and had patterns that I liked. As an added bonus it would make a great kids quilt if I decided to gift it to someone.

By the time I got the fabric it was Friday and that meant I only had until the following Saturday at noon to complete an entire quilt. Eeeek! Scared and so excited!

I started out with: Friday night – cut all the colored fabric into the specified shapes. Saturday morning – cut all the off white fabric into the specified shapes/lengths.


I took a timeout to see a little cross country action. My oldest ran in sectionals and it was a wet, muddy race. I’d share a picture of his muddy legs, but I respect his privacy so no pics.

Saturday evening was spent making the tops and bottoms of the spools, lots of ironing and squaring up. I also was able to make the middle of the spool, but saved the ironing and squaring up of those for Sunday.

Sunday I made quite a bit of progress. I got the spools put together and have 6 rows of spools all assembled. This week will be making the other rows of white and little squares and then onto assembly and quilting.

Here are some of my favorite blocks.


The Spool Souffle Quilt pattern can be found here. #fqsquiltalong #spoolsoufflequilt

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