Weekend projects

This past weekend I tried a new craft. I refinished two pieces of furniture. The sanding was the worst and most time consuming part of the process.

This piece is a tea tray. I can tell it had wheels at some point. Right now I did not add any. I am still trying to decide where I am going to put this and if I want wheels or not. 

One picture is after it was sanded. I forgot to take a before picture with the dark stain and scratches in the top. The paint is Seafoam color and the stain on the top is classic gray (two coats). I then did two coats of polyurethane on the table top.

The second project was free from my neighbor, who was going to throw it out. A piece of the top came off. I wood glued it back on and sanded it. I did flat black paint and then some pearl mist spray paint over top. It looks better in the picture as though it is metal or marbled and not wood at all. 

My arm now needs a break from sanding and painting. It is amazing the muscles that ache after working on tougher projects. 

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Just for fun quilt

Have you ever wanted to just sew straight lines when you are working on a complex project? The need to just sew without thinking led to this quilt. 

I had no pattern and made it up as I went. What I did have was a jelly roll or two laying around just waiting to be used. 

I decided to add a touch of design to the back to make it a little extra special. 


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