Just for fun quilt

Have you ever wanted to just sew straight lines when you are working on a complex project? The need to just sew without thinking led to this quilt. 

I had no pattern and made it up as I went. What I did have was a jelly roll or two laying around just waiting to be used. 

I decided to add a touch of design to the back to make it a little extra special. 


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Foodie Penpals June 2012 Revealed

This month Dena at http://40fitinthemitt.com/ was selected to send me a package for the Foodie Penpals program. Dena sent me quite a few items that I’ve never tried before and have been wanting to test out and she was so sweet and sent my kids a couple treats.

I think my favorite thing so far is the Multi-seed crackers. I’ve been eating those at lunch with a little brie cheese and it is super yummy! My kids favorite was the blue suckers as their mouths turned blue.

I have also been wanting to try out agave nectar and tried that with the Superfoods hot cereal that she sent. Yummy! The only thing I have not tried so far is the Pearl Barley. I need to find a recipe that uses that.

I loved that she also sent an awesome whisk (which we used today to make pudding) and a cookie cutter for Breast cancer. Dena did not know that I LOVE to make sure cookies and this cookie cutter will be going in our rotation.

Thanks Dena! It was an awesome package full of new foods.

If you think you might be interested in the Foodie Penpals program, click the picture below.

The Lean Green Bean

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